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NZ Police Accept James Blunt's Offer To Use His Music To Annoy Protestors

New Zealand authorities have turned to music to move on the protestors that are camping out the front of parliament.

The protestors have gathered outside of parliament - primarily due to anger over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates in New Zealand. On Thursday, New Zealand police stated they had arrested 122 people and charged many with obstruction and/or trespassing.

Authorities attempted to 'irritate' them into leaving by blasting songs such as The Macarena, Barry Manilow's greatest hits and even 'Baby Shark' - all plated on a loop from loudspeakers.

The strategy was shared on Twitter and caught the attention of UK singer James Blunt.

He tweeted, "Give me a shout if this doesn't work @NZPolice".

A mere few hours later, his offer appeared to have been accepted as his song, 'You're Beautiful', was played over the loudspeakers.

It appeared not to move protestors from moving on from the site. Perhaps they are fans of James Blunt.