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NY Restaurant Banning Garlic From Menu Because It Is Too Stinky

In the midst of cancel culture, we’re realising that nothing is sacred. Not even the kitchen staple garlic is safe.

Thomas Makkos, the owner of Italian restaurant Nello on New York's Upper East Side removed garlic from his menu after too many complaints about it leaving the customers smelly and gassy. This is obviously very bad news for baked beans.

Pre-facemasks, garlic seemed to get away with its pungent existence easily, however, after a couple of years of us breathing in our own rank breath, we’ve started to point fingers at the culinary evils that make us unbearable to even ourselves.

Some chefs have come to the defense of the garlic clove, suggesting that we have become too liberal with our usage of it. Apparently garlic is supposed to be used to merely perfume the food, not overpower it, so some of us foul-breathed cooks are ruining not only social experiences, but the ingredient itself. Shame on you!

Whilst some chefs like Makkos are drawing a hard line in the sand and refusing to allow garlic into their kitchens, other chefs have insisted they will never get rid of the ingredient, which they describe as 'the backbone of cooking'.

If you’re worried about your breath after chomping on some garlic, there is no need to give up on it completely. Boycotting garlic only deprives your tastebuds of something most of us have come to love (albeit some of us a little too much). So facemasks or no facemasks, there is some sage advice for all of us: eat some fresh parsley to neutralise your breath and save your relationships.