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NSW Prepares For A Teacher Shortage

Schools are set to return on January 28th in New South Wales & the state government believes classrooms may be missing up to one in five teachers, thanks to the Omicron wave in Australia.

The NSW government is now working to secure part-time teachers at full-time hours to ensure consistency for students. 

The education department has also created an online learning hub - in anticipation for many children being unwell or isolated due to Covid-19 for the first semester of school.

At Thursday’s national cabinet, NSW Premier Dominic Perrotet, will outline his return to school plan. He stated to the Today show, on Channel 9, that “schools would look very different to what they were like last year.” 

“It’s not going to be without its challenges. Last year we brought kids back early in term four and we had some issues there as well. Some schools had to close when there was an outbreak, but overwhelmingly schools stayed open,” he said.

“This time as we open schools there will be natural challenges as Omicron continues through the state, but we can’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

He insisted that the closure of schools due to a Covid outbreak would be the last resort, with teachers set to be exempt from close contact rules.