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Noosa Bans Holiday Fun

Under controversial new letting laws, visitors to Noosa may be prohibited from engaging in activities such as 'cheering, applauding, or singing.'

Clare Stewart, the mayor of Noosa, has defended controversial new law aimed at curbing unwelcome behaviour at the tourist hotspot's short-term accommodations.

The ban on "unacceptable behaviour" at holiday rental houses in Noosa will take effect on February 1.

What counts as unacceptable behaviour, you ask? Oh you know: clapping, singing, shouting. Basically, having fun is now simply unacceptable.

“The law was for all short stay premises including outdoor areas like entertainment areas, decks, balconies, swimming pools or spas,” the new law reads.

The law states that the following actions are now banned: yelling, screaming, arguing, excessively loud cheering, clapping or singing.

If you were planning a game of Marco Polo in the resort pool this summer– think again. Thankfully screaming under the water is still allowed, just make sure your bubbles aren’t excessively loud.

Ms. Stewart states, “This law is to ensure that if there is excessive noise night after night, which can happen more regularly at holiday letters, that action can be taken.”

However, Dave Langdon, chair of the Noosa Short Term Accommodation Association, pointed out that tourists were not the only ones to blame for the excessive noise.

“It’s easy to blame people who don’t live here and come and stay, but most are doing the right thing,” Mr Langdon told Noosa News.

“Plenty of people have problems with permanent (residents) but it’s only holiday lettings that’s being highlighted as a problem.”

Surely, there are local residents screaming on the daily in Noosa. I know if I lived on a beachfront property in Noosa I would be screaming excessively 7 days a week - it would be a scream of delight after checking my bank balance.

Ms Stewart said that suggestions the laws would crack down on simple things like ‘happy birthday’ songs were “ridiculous”.

Don’t mistake this statement for leniency. This is a warning that should anyone add ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’ onto to end of Happy Birthday the landlord will be called immediately.

If you are heading to Noosa, make sure you hold your bomb dive and belly flop competitions before dusk otherwise you may be getting a visit from the fun police.