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A woman who named her dog 'Covid' is being called insensitive

There are some dog names you encounter far too often at the park – Bella, Max, Archie, or Charlie. Some people seem content to name their dog the popular choice while others will go to some weird places to be unique.

I met a dog at the park the other day called ‘Pillow’. It seemed odd but fine enough until Pillow’s owner was screaming at it to stop snapping at another dog. Ironically, Pillow was too rough.

One woman who went the unique angle has taken to Reddit to ask if her dog’s name is a problem after it appeared to be offending other dog owners at the park.

She revealed the name of her dog, "Covid." That’s right a virus that has caused over six million deaths worldwide is now considered one of man’s best friends.

In her Reddit post, the woman explains: “We found a stray puppy during the start of our lockdown. It started by feeding him scraps in the back garden where we were spending so much of our time.”

"Now he's moved in and is probably going to stay unless someone comes forward to claim him. We put a notice up in some village shops about him.

I can see where this is going and surely ‘scraps’ or ‘scrappy’ would have worked as a name.

As suspected: "We called him Covid because that's why we found him - spending all our time at home."

Again. I can see the reasoning but what about ‘Homie’?

Dogs are found every day and if we name each one of them after news events it would start to get very awkward and cruel.

Strangers are the park have confronted the woman since hearing the dogs name.

In her post she states: “Yesterday a couple heard us calling his name while playing by the beach.”

"They came over and told us that it's insensitive as they lost an uncle to the virus. They said how would we feel if they called their pet cancer or death?"

The woman asked Reddit if the name is indeed “offensive” or if the couple “overreacted”.

Unfortunately for the poster Reddit sided with the couple. Luckily this dog may be getting name change.

One commenter wrote: “it’s a “stupid name”, and said they have “no clue why you would name a pet after a virus that has killed thousands of people.”

Another likened it to naming your dog after other life-destroying illnesses: “Would you name a dog AIDS and go running around in public yelling 'Here AIDS! Come here boy, that's a good AIDS!'

How this dog owner did not predict yelling COVID at the park might become an issue is a major issue.

Major is a popular dog name and would suit this family well.

I wonder what little COVID’s name will be changed to? If the owner is truly set on a Coronavirus theme she could probably get away with ‘Sourdough’, ‘Pfizer’, or ‘Anxiety’.