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Nick Kyrgios’ Bad Parking Angers Neighbours

A Neighbour Took To Facebook Complaining About The Tennis Star’s Choice of Spot

If you made millions of dollars from playing tennis, would you take the time to park in the right spot? Or would you just park wherever you wanted and deal with whatever fines come your way? According to a neighbour of Nick Kyrgios, Nick doesn’t seem to care where he parks.  

In the Sydney suburb of Zetland, a neighbour of Kyrgios’ took his gripe about Nick’s parking to Facebook, the hope of gripes. The neighbour shared a photo of a lime green Tesla Model X car illegally parked on the street in a marked car share zone. The poster didn’t mention Kyrgios by name, but it was heavily implied.  

“Looking for some advice here, it’s a tricky one; we have a car share allocated spot right out the front of our apartment building. Recently a very well known famous and quite notorious tennis player has decided that he is somehow entitled to park in it with his own vehicle.” Hard to know who he could possibly be talking about. It could be any famous and quite notorious tennis player.  

The post goes on: “I don’t want to name and shame the guy but he’s very famous, and parks in this car share space almost nightly.” See, he doesn’t want to name and shame him. He just wants to offer enough hints that there isn’t any doubt as to who it is he’s talking about. Nobody thinks that John McEnroe drives a lime green Tesla.  

It didn’t take Facebook users very long to figure out who this mysterious tennis player was. Although it probably took them longer than it should have as there can’t be very many lime green Tesla’s on the roads.  

Kyrgios has not commented on the situation. However, Nick’s partner Costeen Hatzi’s sister, jumped into the comments to defend the parking. “Hey all, to be fair, he didn’t realise it was a car-share spot. He parked there to allow other car spots for those who can’t find parking in the area. Nick understands and will move his car.”  

So there you have it, he didn’t know it was a car-share spot, but he also did know and was parking there to help others find spots, but now that he really does know so, he will move the car. Will he really move the car though? Or will a man who has on the occasion paid $35k in fines for unsportsmanlike conduct not be too bothered by a $400 parking fine? 

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/k1ngkyrg1os/