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Nick Cody Sheds Light On Why Parents Get Angry At Bluey

Nick Cody can’t get enough Chilli with his Bluey

Comedian and radio host Nick Cody stopped by The Project desk to chat about his new comedy show ‘Classique Cody’, despite not wanting to promote his own show, as he would rather promote some up and comers.

But, he showed up anyway and used his time wisely to chat about how much his family loves Bluey. In particular, for Nick, Chilli the Mum, who appears to be a stand-out character for him. But why does Nick feel parents are getting angry at Bluey?

Because the parenting by the family of dogs is too good, we should take a moment to point out the fact that Bluey is a TV show. For those not familiar with the industry, there is a thing called editing. How editing works is you cut up all the footage, remove the parts you don’t want, and leave just the good details. In Bluey’s case. Perfect parenting. No doubt that Bluey has been sent to the dog house on many occasions, but these would have been edited out.

Watch our full interview with Nick below.