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New Zealanders Remain Calm, Check Out Own Books After Library Opens Itself

Help yourself, dear reader.

Council members of the Christchurch City Council were given a fright on Sunday morning after seeing fresh complaints on the socials bemoaning the lack of staff at the Tūranga library. And they weren’t wrong, no staff were in the building because the library had opened itself.

Ever the workaholic (and thanks to a door security error), the library opened its own doors and fired up the self-checkout machines. Allowing the public to wander in and get browsing at their own peaceful leisure.

A whopping 380 people passed through the doors and quite happily got to borrowing before security were called and ushered everyone out, two hours after the doors had opened.

“Our self-issue machines automatically started up and 147 books were issued by customers. No book-theft alarms went off, and at this stage nothing has been reported missing, nor have we spotted any damage.” said a library staff member.

In fact, the only in-person proof that anything went awry was a very full returns room and a grumpy note left behind after someone couldn’t find any staff members: ‘I’ve decided to take the CDs to teach you a lesson in how not to operate a functioning library.’

Bruce Rendall, the head of facilities, property and planning at Christchurch City Council said “We’re grateful for the honesty of the people who used the library during this time.”

“We consider all of the materials in Tūranga to be valuable because of the knowledge, ideas and joy they bring people. To the best of our knowledge, nothing has been taken. The people who accessed the library during this time used the self-checkout machines to issues books and other materials.”

So there you have it, proof that the best kind of trespassers are readers.