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New Study Reveals We Have Memories From When We Were Two!

I did heaps of great stuff when I was two years old

Memories, we all have them, some of us more than others. For me, it feels like I have very few, it's mostly TV commercial jingles and old Simpsons episodes. You know, the important stuff. I struggle to recall anything from a few weeks ago, sometimes even yesterday.

But we might be able to remember moments from further back in life than we think. A study from the Memorial University in Newfoundland has found we might have memories from the age of two. This is earlier than previously thought, it was once believed we could only recall memories from the age of three.

The leader of the study Dr Carole Peterson told the Daily Mail that the more she questioned test subjects, the more they began to remember and could recall things from earlier in life.

'Then they start recalling even earlier memories — sometimes up to a full year earlier. It's like priming a pump; once you get them started, it's self-prompting. … Secondly, we've documented those early memories are systematically mis-dated. Over and over again we find people think they were older than they actually were in their early memories.'

They would ask test subjects at what age they thought the memories took place and found when verified with the subject’s parents the recollections were from much earlier than they thought.

So, make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and see what you can remember from when you were two. But be careful you might remember potty training and tantrums, and they're not the best things to look back on.