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New Study Reveals Two Beers A Day Could Age Your Brain By 10 Years

A new study has revealed that just two beers a day can age your brain by the equivalent of 10 years.

The UK study, which is being published in Nature, has found that a couple of pints or glasses of wine with your dinner could accelerate the ageing process.

The research analysed the MRI brain scans of 36,000 people and asked them about their drinking habits.

The results found that someone 50-years-old, with a habit of two daily drinks, had a brain that was ten years old than someone who drank no alcohol.

The findings were worse when someone drank more. Even those who had one drink a day had brains two years older.

Remi Daviet, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the study’s authors, said, “There is some evidence that the effect of drinking on the brain is exponential.’’

“So, one additional drink in a day could have more of an impact than any of the previous drinks that day.

“That means that cutting back on that final drink of the night might have a big effect in terms of brain ageing.”