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New Study Finds The ‘Healthy Minutes’ Of Life Particular Foods Are Costing You

A study from the University of Michigan has found how many healthy minutes particular foods can add to, or shave off your life. The results are annoying.

Experts evaluated over 5,000 foods and examined their impact on human health. They found that certain foods will add minutes of healthy living to your days, and certain foods will subtract them.

Spoiler alert, hot dogs were not found to be the key to eternal health.Some of the winners were baked salmon, which will add 16 minutes of well-being. As well as salted peanuts, which add 26 minutes (the peanuts are doing the heavy lifting, you will not get the same result eating half a bag of salt).

A couple of the losing foods are chicken wings, which can cost you 3.3 minutes of healthy living and hotdogs which can cost a whopping 36 minutes. Bad news for competitive hot dog eaters, although they were probably tipped off to the ill effects from their month-long stomach aches.

Hard to resist, hot dogs are begging you to eat them. (Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

So, if you are confused about the research, just make sure you eat three pieces of baked salmon for every hot dog and you should be up by 12 minutes (not official health advice, but come on it makes sense).

The experts suggest switching 10 per cent of your daily intake from beef and processed meats to a mix of fruits, legumes, nuts, select seafoods and vegetables. This could allow you to gain an extra 48 minutes of healthy living per day. Of course, a lot of those extra minutes would be spent on the toilet.

Once again, we are reminded that the most mouthwatering food is not the healthiest.

They did not however research the amount of ‘happy minutes’ certain foods add to your life, I reckon chicken wings would beat a legume in that study.