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New South Wales Police Officers To Start New Searches For William Tyrrell, 'Highly Likely' Looking For A Body

New South Wales police have revealed that officers will begin searching in three locations in the Kendall area where William Tyrrell vanished seven years ago.

William was last seen playing in the yard at his foster grandmother’s home on the NSW Mid-North Coast on September 12, 2014 before he couldn’t be found.

He was aged 3 at the time and was wearing a Spider-Man costume.

The new search is understood tone held at the site where Tyrrell was last seen.

It comes after detectives revisited the area and police announced new information had “come to light” in mid-September.

“This activity is in response to the evidence we have obtained in the course of the investigation, not speculative in any way, we are acting on behalf of the coroner and in conjunction with the colonial orders, she will be kept updated with regard to our progress,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett.

“There is a large amount of work to be undertaken, we will be working specialist areas and people from outside the police force. We are very hopeful we can bring this matter to some sort of conclusion.”

Asked whether they were looking for William alive or not, he said it was “highly likely” officers would be looking for a body.