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New Research Shows Oscar Winners Live Longer Than Non-Oscar Winners

In news that is sure to be a slap in the face to those of us that will never win one, a new study from the University of Toronto has claimed that Oscar winners live 5 years longer than their un-nominated co-stars

The study, which screams "I wanted to be an actor, but my parents made me go into science and maths", looked at 934 actors nominated for an Academy Award between the years 1929 to 2020. (Yes, even the researchers would rather forget last year's weird Oscars that was in a hotel lobby and resembled a Real Estate Awards night than Hollywood's night of nights)

Their findings suggest that winners of the award, that are still alive today, on average will die at age 81.3, nominees at 76.4, and co-stars who didn't get nominated at 76.2 which is a very grim stat to read if you're in the industry, unless of course you are one of the editors in charge of the In Memoriam section and want a heads up on which actors package you should start working on first.

The reason for the findings are still unknown, but the researchers have their theories.

"Winners tend to eat properly, exercise consistently, sleep regularly, avoid drug misuse, and follow the ideals of a prudent lifestyle that bring more gains with adherence," the researchers wrote.

Oh, so living a healthy lifestyle and not being torn apart from the inside that you're not as successful as Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks might play a part. Good to know.

But before you go out, find an agent, book an audition, and live a Daniel Day Lewis method acting lifestyle by alienating every close friend and family member you have by pretending to be a peasant from the year 1812 for six months, the researchers have a final word.

"'The findings on longevity observed in our study, of course, do not mean people should take acting lessons to improve their health or awards should be dispensed by clinicians". "Instead, the data suggest that major success might contribute to individuals behaving in ways that could potentially mitigate the wear-and-tear that can accumulate over years."

So the secret to outliving your peers could just be making healthy lifestyle decisions while being able to afford not to wo0rk a job that puts a strain on your body. Thanks, science!