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New Research Reveals What Your Tattoo Says About You

According to new research conducted by the National Library of Medicine in the US, the position of tattoos on your body can reveal certain things about your personality.

From being more sociable and rebellious to seeking new experiences and challenges, here's what your tattoos say about you.

Face Tattoos – Not only are you the coolest kid since Post Malone, but you're also perceived as being confident and rebellious. With a mother like mine, you'd want to have a heap of confidence if you expect to be invited to your cousin's Baptism looking like that!

Arm Tattoos – Although quite common, arm tattoos are a symbol of strength, bravery and luck. Can you think of a single lottery winner or Noble Peace Prize winner who didn't have an arm tattoo? I bet you can't!

Neck Tattoos – Neck tattoos mean you're a risk-taker, with throat tattoos indicating you're a strong communicator. These communication skills will come in handy the second a tattoo artist starts carving out your neck skin to make way for an image of a flying unicorn.

Back Tattoos – These bad boys are associated with maturity and growth with lower back tattoos linked to sexuality. Nothing screams' sexy' like a couple of menacing skulls above the bum crack.

(Back tattoo pic: https://tattoosboygirl.com/lower-back-tattoos-for-women/)

Ribcage Tattoos – These painful tattoos reveal you are a mentally strong person with a heap of resilience. Those 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' tattoos are starting to make more sense, right?

All in all, tattoos are cool no matter where you place them. I have sixty-seven tattoos ranging from my deceased family dog on the roof of my mouth to an ex-boyfriend's pin code etched on the sole of my foot. What does this say about me? I'll let you decide.