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New Push To Ban Pollies Telling Porkies At The Polls

There’s a new push to ban dishonesty in political advertising.

In news that will come as a rude awakening to dishonest pollies everywhere: The Australia Institute is pushing the Queensland government on banning dishonest political ads. Or as most of us would know them: all political ads.

Under new laws, if the electoral commission decided that an ad was false or misleading, the Party responsible could be fined, just in the same way a business would be fined if they made up stuff about their products.

So, for example, if the We Love Cats Party ran an ad saying “dogs are stealing your jobs”, they would be in hot water. Or, as another crazy hypothetical, if a politician who was quite orange in skin tone with weird hair made an ad that said he was a victim of electoral fraud but had clearly just made it up, he might have to fork over some cash.

No he didn't. Image: Facebook.

But surely politicians would never actually say anything misleading, right? Right?? It’s not like anyone in politics has ever claimed that climate change wasn’t real, or that coronavirus was an overblown hoax, or that all our bushfires were started by arsonist greenies.

Well, according to their research, the Australia Institute reckons that all Parties, big and small and on all sides of the spectrum, are guilty of pushing fake news.

In the most recent Queensland election, the LNP made the untrue claim that Labor had no budget plan, Labor claimed without evidence that the LNP were about to sack thousands of public servants, and Clive Palmer falsely told the voters Labor was bringing in a “Death Tax” and used his own wife in the ad without disclosing it.

A little bit sneaky... Source: Facebook

The Australia Institute also says that 87 percent of Queenslanders agree that politicians telling porky-pies should be punished. So the public is well behind this idea.

Let’s just hope we can get enough politicians to vote for it. We know we can always trust them to do the right thing...