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New Internet Craze Lets You Watch People Study For Hours

No study buddy? No problem! You can now study with a video of someone else studying.

The Internet trend termed ‘gongbang’ is the live streaming of studying. It began in South Korea and has since taken off in the rest of the world. A British gongbang Youtuber has had so much success with his videos that he has now acquired more than half a million subscribers.

If you’ve ever had to stay in on Saturday night to cram, you may know the feelings of FOMO all too well. These sometimes hours-long videos allow you to feel like you have a study buddy, which has been said to help with motivation and focus. Basically, at least someone else is missing out on all the fun with you.

It makes sense these videos started up in South Korea, where many students study up to 16 hours a day in preparation for their university exams. That and they aren’t on our NBN, so uploading can be done within 24 hours and doesn’t add to the stress of assessments.

According to the South China Morning Post, the video trend is believed to have started because a Korean student filmed himself reading over his schoolbooks in an attempt to show his parents that he was working hard.

Perhaps after seeing this video his parents had a sudden urge themselves to study, and the success of this style of video was obvious.

The study broadcast videos have now been seen in other countries including the US, Japan, Britain and India.

You can find titles such as “Study with me in the library”, “Your study buddy has arrived” and “Med School Finals – Hard Work Will Pay Off”.

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Or you could just watch this for 3 hours

After watching some myself, I have to admit they are inexplicably calming. Although I am currently not a student, the videos did motivate me to write this article about the videos.

Perhaps this calm, focus-inspiring video could be used in the non-students daily life as well. Not a great reader? Why not chuck on a study video? Not only will someone be reading with you but I guarantee you can take gratification in knowing your Harry Potter book is more interesting than their Chemistry 4th Edition book.

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