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New Aussie Ad Campaign Highlights The Strange Things We Are Flushing Down The Loo

A new Sydney Water ad campaign called “Are You Flushing Kidding Me”, highlights the damage caused by people flushing random crap down the toilet. 

The face of the ad is Shane Jacobson of “Kenny” fame, who for better or worse, will always be associated with sewage.

He said he was amazed to learn what Sydneysiders had flushed down the toilet.

You know people are doing things really wrong, when even the portable toilet king is shocked.

Some items are thought to have fallen in the loo by mistake such as keys, lighters, kids toys and earphones.

But others like tampons, tissues and wet wipes are deliberately flushed.

Shane says “Around 500 tonnes of items are flushed down the ­toilet every year and wet wipes are 40 per cent of the problem”.

Many people think they are flushable, because they are advertised as flushable. But plot twist, they are not flushable.

They’re actually a major contributor to “fat-bergs”, which are like the ice-bergs of the sewage system. But instead of sinking ships, they congeal, snowball in size ­and block the network.

Which is a far less fatal, but far more gross tragedy.

It’s not just wet wipes though, people are also putting strange items down the loo which are definitely not advertised as flushable.

Other things found in the system include nappies, tea-light candles, false teeth, sunglasses, toothbrushes and plastic bags. As well as the strangest of them all… a disassembled prosthetic leg!

You definitely need the full flush for that one.

These dunny crimes cause huge problems. In NSW there’s 870 blockages a month, which contribute to sewage overflows as well as bathroom and street flooding. It costs Sydney Water – and ultimately its customers – more than $14 million a year.

The ad campaign aims to educate the community on what items are better ­placed in the bin.

Those items are anything that’s not toilet paper, or coming out of your body.