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Never Look Up From Your Phone Again Thanks To ‘Third Eye’

South Korean Designer Has Perfect Solution for “Smartphone Zombies”

Sick of bumping into things when walking around using your phone? Tired of falling down open manholes when you’re just trying to scroll your way through the entirety of Instagram? Absolutely fed up with wandering straight into inconveniently placed telegraph poles while simply trying to fill every waking moment with TikTok? Then a South Korean industrial designer might just have the solution for you.

Paeng Min-wook has created The Third Eye, which looks like a robotic eyeball that you strap to your forehead. It’s not a sexy look, but then it’s also not sexy to walk straight into a garbage bin.

How it works is that whenever the eyeball senses that the person has lowered their head, presumably to look at their phone, it opens up and looks around for you. If the user comes within two metres of an obstacle the Third Eye fires up and starts beeping to warn you of the danger ahead.

Just to be clear, Paeng created this device as a satirical solution to folks he refers to as “smartphone zombies”, but it does actually work. He says “as we cannot take our eyes off from smartphones, the extra eye will be need in future.”

He created the device as a warning, not as a solution. Which, okay, sure thing, Paeng, but give us the Third Eye device already, I’m sick of bumping into dogs while scrolling through Facebook Marketplace.

Paeng says that “by presenting this satirical solution, I hope people would recognize the severity of their gadget addiction and look back at themselves.” Well, jokes on you, Paeng, because that’s actually the perfect solution.

Finally, we’ll no longer have to look at the outside world at all, and it’s all thanks to The Third Eye. Now, to figure out how to get to South Korea and get one of these Third Eyes without having to look up from my phone once.