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Need For Speed Dating

Top Gear’s The Stig will host a new reality dating show from his car

A new BBC dating show is in the works, starring Top Gear's The Stig as host. The Stig is famous for his secretive identity and lack of speech, so he won't be of any help when there's a long awkward silence.

According to BBC studios, The Stig will be driving the high-speed vehicle while two single petrol-heads go on a date in the backseat. To be clear, it’ll only be a first date. A third date in the back seat of a car may get a little too intense.

It may sound like a strange concept for a show, but after months of dating over Zoom, the backseat of a car feels a little bit fancy. The only downside is that if you want to leave the date early, you’ll need to master the tuck and roll. There are going to be a lot of dates asking themselves- "what would I rather endure more- his ramblings about alloy wheels, or a head injury?"

If you’d like to apply, you’ll need to send in a video telling the producers about why you love cars, and what your car says about you. If you’re the type to talk at length about cars, maybe that’s why you’re single? Possibly? Who knows?

If you plan on watching, just prepare yourself for a lot of car-based pick-up lines such as, “You just jump-started my engine,” and “I love a car with some extra junk in its trunk.”

There will be ten episodes of the online show, titled Speed Dating with The Stig. That’s a lot of episodes, especially when the couple won’t be able to hear each other over the V8 engine. There’s clearly only one sensible option- dating at the back of a Toyota Yaris. Maybe they're saving that for Season Two.

While it may seem a bit of a dating disaster waiting to happen, take solace… if the date is a fizzler, it’ll be a quick drive to Maccas to drown out their sorrows.