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Naughty Italian Bear Returns To The Town He Was Chased Away From

A bear walked more than 100 miles back to the town he was removed from for misbehaving. All without the help of google maps! 

The bear, Juan Carrito, became infamous last year in the town of Roccaraso, after stealing biscuits, breaking into bins and public urination.

A regular day in the life of this troublemaker sounds like it rivals Mad Monday celebrations.

His crime spree included a high-profile break-in at a local bakery where he scoffed an entire afternoon’s worth of biscuits before fleeing.

Juan Carrito was definitely living his best life.

However, the biscuit filled bear was eventually put behind bars in an enclosure for ‘problem animals’. Then, authorities released him into the Apennine mountains to roam free in the wild.

But there’s no biscuits in the wild, so Juan made it all the way back to Roccaraso.

Park rangers were able to track the bear’s journey through a satellite collar. He walked over 100 miles in 18 days, with a few woodland detours along the way.

He made his way through the valleys and peaks of Abruzzo, including some inaccessible areas to return ‘home’.

They must have been some really good biscuits.

The bear certainly has his followers ‘Viva Juan Carrito!’ wrote one Twitter user, and ‘I LOVE JUAN CARRITO’ proclaimed another.

Some local residents are upset by his return, Cesidio Antonio Sforza wrote ‘This bear, he uprooted the net in my garden, he broke the branches of a dozen apple trees, and destroyed 30 apple trees in my uncle’s land worth €100’.

Others say attempts to banish the bear would be fruitless. Max Pipolo wrote ‘It’s useless now, Roccaraso is Juan Carrito’s house’.

The cheeky bear has certainly achieved a massive feat which has endeared him to so many people (who don’t own apple trees).