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NASA Doesn’t Think The Events of Moonfall Could Happen

The Space Agency Dismissed The Halle Berry Film on Twitter

If you’ve seen the trailer for the new Halle Berry movie Moonfall you know that it is a movie about the moon falling toward earth. You might have seen the trailer and thought ‘that looks ridiculous’ or maybe you didn’t realise it was a trailer and thought ‘this is just so typical of 2022, now the moon is going to hit the earth’. If you had the first thought then you were not alone, NASA also took to social media to take a swipe at the credibility of the movie.

“At only 240,000 miles away, our nearest neighbour affects our life here on Earth. Here are a few reasons why we’re grateful the moon is stable in its orbit (no offence Moonfall).” The NASA Moon account tweeted, also tagging the Moonfall twitter account in the process.

Getting tagged in some free publicity for your movie about the moon hitting the earth must have felt like a godsend for the social media manager in charge of the Moonfall twitter account. With less than 3,000 followers it’s hard to get people to want to engage with an account that will become very dormant the moment the film leaves cinemas, so Moonfall HQ must have been celebrating like NASA did the day they landed on the moon.

Moonfall, a movie about the world ending, is directed by Roland Emmerich the man behind Independence Day (about the world ending), The Day After Tomorrow (about the world ending), 2012 (about the world ending) and Anonymous (about the man who really wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays). So, the Moonfall team were ready for the criticism.

They tweeted a reply to NASA with a gif of the moon heading toward earth and the words “You’re telling me this isn’t actually going to happen?” NASA Moon shot back a simple: “No.” With a face palm emoji and an eye roll emoji.

Moonfall knew they had the trump card and replied with “…okay so what you’re saying is that nothing in Moonfall is actually real? At least you helped us make it SEEM real!” And then shared a behind the scenes video where the Moonfall creators reveal that they had NASA experts come in to consult on the film.

NASA were happy to take that consultancy cash and then make fun of the movie on Twitter. That sort of stuff is not on NASA. And sure the plot to Moonfall might be ridiculous, but you know who they also called ridiculous back in the day: Neil Armstrong… probably. Yeah, Moonfall is the most important moon-based event since we landed on it.