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Mum Who Cleans House Has TikTok Shocked It Was Dirty To Begin With

Hard to believe that before you clean things, they could be dirty.

On today’s episode of ‘Why are we fighting about this?’ an Adelaide mum of two has caused a ripple of responses in the big ocean that is the internet's comments section - this time for her vlog on the room that she shows us how to clean - and viewers are SHOCKED that before she cleaned the room, the room was not clean!!!

Emmy Rachelle probably thought that day was going to be like any other day on her TikTok. Not the case. Here’s the video that kicked it all off:


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“Inspections for private rentals can be really daunting sometimes right, so I’m going to show you how I tackle my house,” Emmy begins.

Seems normal enough. Emmy then takes on her bedroom, which, okay is very cluttered, but by the end of the TikTok that thing is spic and span. Even if you had a white cotton gloved hand and wiped an index finger along every surface you probably wouldn’t come up with much dust to inspect.

But you can never predict how people with too much time in their day will respond. And respond they did - with outrage! For her house was too dirty and cluttered before she cleaned it!

“Do you know it’s much easier if you just clean and maintain your house on the daily…” the top comment responds, with a whopping 621 likes.

“Right haha. It’s not hard to maintain a clean house with kids or no kids working or not. I could never clean once every 6 months lmao (sick face emoji),” says another.

To which Emmy responds:


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♬ original sound - Emmy Rachelle

“You must be new here so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you haven’t caught up with my daily vlog,” Emmy began. “I’m sure the people that have been here long enough to have watched a year’s worth of daily vlogs are probably going to turn around and be like ‘Yo. She’s always cleaning.’”

Emmy then goes into how it’s no big deal to her and how it’s just living, and sometimes, living gets occasionally messy and she’s not going to sweat the small, temporary stuff.

The comments below that post have a mix of support and continued responses from those against the way Emmy cleans and maintains her house.

The internet: You really can’t say anything without it devolving into an ‘actually’ information war. Don’t we all have jobs to pay attention to?

Those REVOLTED by the way Emmy lives obviously haven’t seen her TikTok where she mentions she cleans her toilets daily. I do not clean my toilet daily. Am I a pig? Do not comment in the comments below, I do not care what you think.