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Mum Offers $1,000 To Help Look After Her Kids On Long Haul Flight

Fancy yourself a good babysitter? Well, how would you like to babysit… in the sky!

A Mum of three has offered a thousand bucks for someone to help look after her kids for 23 hours, but there’s a catch. You have to be flying from London to Sydney on June 12 via a Malaysian Air flight. And not just any flight, it needs to be the one that the Mum and kids are taking.

This narrows down the applicant pool dramatically, but if you’re one of the people planning to fly that specific route, you’re in luck.

The Mum of a two-month-old, two-year-old and four-year-old posted the request in a Facebook group.

She wrote that it would entail holding the baby, helping the older kids with meals and keeping them entertained. Luckily you will have the help of in-flight TV screens to help you do this.

Looking after three kids under five on a long-haul flight may not sound like fun, but it could be an easy $42 an hour. The Mum said her older girls had been on a long-haul flight to the UK before and were “pretty well behaved and slept”.

The four-year-old slept 10 hours, and the two-year-old slept for eight, she said. So unless there’s an impromptu tantrum, it sounds like a breeze.

She’s looking for help for this flight because “…now I have one extra child and won’t have my husband with me”.

People responded online with words of encouragement; one wrote “I would love this job! Wish I was going to England – hope you can find someone”.

Hopefully, she does.

And for anyone looking to subsidise future flights… get to the airport early and try to find a parent who looks like they need a break.