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Mum Makes Golden Lunchbox For Son’s Golden Birthday

A Mum in the U.S has prepared a luxury golden lunchbox for her son’s birthday, with Facebook users (mostly) marveling at the creation.

The photo of the lunchbox was shared in a Facebook group by the maker’s husband, Nathan. It shows a lobster wrap, macaroons, biscuits and sparkling water in a gold can, accompanied by gold cutlery.

It was also decorated with two gold bows. Fancy as, but not sure it beats a tuck shop sausage roll and rainbow paddle pop combo.

Proud of his wife’s creation, Nathan wrote 'I wanted to show you guys the 24K gold lunch my wife made for our son's golden birthday'. Adding 'She made him a shrimp and lobster wrap and made sure to include gold everything. She even painted his sparkling water gold'.

It sounds good in theory. But in practice, I’m not sure lobster would hold up that well by recess, let alone lunch time.

Who knows though, maybe she packed some golden ice in there as well?

So, what’s a golden birthday? It’s when your age matches the day of the month you were born. For example, if you turn 11 on March 11th, that’s your golden birthday.

Most Facebook users who saw this golden treat responded positively, wishing the boy a happy birthday.

But you can’t please everyone, not even with golden lobster, so the lunch had some parents concerned… Nathan didn't reveal how she turned the utensils and can gold, leaving some worried that she spray painted the items.

What I find more concerning, is that no-one ever talks about golden birthdays!

It’s the first I’ve heard, so I’m devastated that I missed out on Mum making me a golden lunchbox for my 30th.