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Mother Sparks Debate By Saying She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Go To Sleepovers

Alissa, a mum-of-two in the U.S., has sparked an online debate after admitting she does not allow her children to attend sleepovers.

In the TikTok video, Alissa says it is a family rule instated to “protect” her children.

The clip shows Alissa having an example conversation with another parent, explaining how she turns down sleepover invites.

'Thank you so much for having us over, we're going to head out now,' Alissa begins.

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She then adds that the decision is not a “personal” one against that particular family.

“You know that we love you guys and you're great. We have the same rules for all families,” Alissa says.

“We do not do sleepovers with any family, just to protect the kids in case anything ever did happen at someone's house. We would not be able to live with ourselves and we want to protect our kiddos.

“Again it's not personal, we just do not do sleepovers with other families.”

The comment section became a debating ground as people shared their own experiences as a child or a parent.

“My parents didn't allow sleepovers and as an adult now, I'm thankful that they enforced that,” said one person.

“I never was allowed to have sleepovers as a kid and I turned out fine. Comment section is insane! Sleep in your own house!” said another.

But others pointed out she is robbing her kids of childhood memories.

“As someone who grew up in a household like this, please let your kids be kids, they’ll resent you for this,” said one comment.

“My mum never let me have sleepovers and I was lonely and isolated especially as my mums [sic] only child,” said another.