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M&Ms To Re-Launch With New Look & Progressive Characters With Backstories

M&M’s rebrand with progressive new characters. Helping you eat your feelings, whatever they may be.

If your knees are weak, your arms are heavy, you possibly have vomit on your sweater already, maybe it’s Moms spaghetti from earlier. It’s possible you are Eminem, but also the Orange M&M.

Overnight on Twitter, M&M’s announced they were re-introducing their colourful characters, to be more progressive. Saying “Fun is not planned, it is found. Fun can cross borders & boundaries, and can bridge differences & divides”.

Wanting to create a world where everyone feels like they belong, each character brings something to the table (or bowl) that people can relate to.

Reading from the character bios on their site:

Red, the original poster child is described itself as “a perfectionist. I can’t help but be perfect, and directors I’ve worked with tell me it’s a curse…so…”.

Yellow, the shy lovable goofball of the group, with a positive attitude is quoted say "My favourite thing about today is everything".

M&M’s global vice president Jane Hwang told Cheddar News “You’ll also Orange really embrace his true self, worries and all, and not be afraid to express it,” she said. “We actually know Orange as the most relatable of the characters in the crew based on some conversations we’ve had with gen Z, which we know is the most anxious generation.”

Green, who has lost the high-heels and is now strolling in comfy sneakers, will “better reflect empowerment and confidence and be known for more than just her shoes”. Said Hwang.

Brown is a boss lady, "Not bossy. Just the boss". Who will often be seen with Green, being a supporting force for women who are ‘throwing shine not shade’.

And then there is Blue. Some might say cocky. Others might say confident. Others might say funny. In Blue’s bio, he points out the irony of being so happy, despite being blue.

So, which M&M are you?

Pictures: mms.com