M&M’s Releases New Woman-Focused Packaging

Meanwhile, Kit-Kat doesn't feature a picture of Kit Harington or a cat.

M&M’s has released brand new packing for its melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, featuring three female characters upside down and the text 'Supporting Women Flipping The Status Quo'.

They announced the new look on Twitter with the caption, "We're celebrating women across the country who are flipping the status quo! Help us shine the spotlight by nominating a woman in your life who is breaking barriers and paving a new path."

The candy company is offering a prize of 10 thousand dollars to people who nominate a woman 'who is flipping the status quo'.

Plus, they are donating 1 dollar from each packet sold to non-profits 'She Is The Music' and 'We Are Moving The Needle'.

Of course, for some reason, this made people on Twitter angry, accusing M&M’s of being 'woke' and threatening boycotts - which is sad and weird.

I've never thought or cared about chocolate's political views; my Rocky Road could be a communist, I don't mind; I'm still going to eat it.

Plus, why is celebrating women a bad thing in these people's eyes? How can that possibly be a negative? I'm all for criticizing corporations using political movements as a way to sell little hard-shell chocolates, but that's not what these people are doing.

Hopefully, it's a fun little competition, and some women get 10k and other people just eat chocolate, these all sound like good things.