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Minnie Mouse Ditches The Dress Opting For A New Look Polka Dot Pantsuit

Longtime Disney sweetheart, Minnie, is due for a new look, and for the first time ever she will don a pantsuit this March designed by iconic fashion designer Stella McCartney.

The new-look is to celebrate Women’s History Month. With Stella McCartney designing a gorgeous pantsuit for Minnie The Mouse to wear, with a digital version to match.

It’s the first time Minnie hasn’t been seen in her signature polka dot dress.

Announced by Disneyland Paris on Tuesday, Minnie will wear the pantsuit for the park’s upcoming 30th-anniversary celebration.

The park’s Twitter account shared a sneak peek of Minnie’s new outfit, which consists of a dark blue and black polka-dotted pantsuit and matching bow in her hair.

“Stella McCartney has designed Minnie Mouse’s very first pantsuit, and it’s gorgeous,” the account wrote.

“Minnie has always had a special place in my heart,” Stella McCartney said.

“We share the same values. What I love about Minnie is the fact that she embodies happiness, self-expression, authenticity, and that she inspires people of all ages around the world. Plus, she has such great style!”