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Men More Likely To Have A Rough Nights Sleep Than Women During A Full Moon

It's been known for a while that some people seem to get affected when we are going through a full moon.

However, a new study from the Uppsala University in Sweden has found that men's sleep is more 'powerfully influenced' by the lunar cycle.

It means they stay awake later and enjoy less sleep 'efficiency' than women when the moon is in its waxing phase.

During the waning phase, when the Moon rises during the day, there were no differences noted.

The new study was undertaken with recordings of 492 women and 360 men.

They found that with men who have their sleep recorded during the waxing phase, at the time the moon is at its highest at midnight, men '“exhibited lower sleep efficiency and increased time awake after sleep onset compared to men whose sleep was measured during nights in the waning period”.

In contast, women were ' largely unaffected by the lunar cycle”.

“Our results were robust to adjustment for chronic sleep problems and obstructive sleep apnea severity,” said Christian Benedict, Associate Professor at Uppsala University’s Department of Neuroscience, and corresponding author of the study.