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Melbourne's Peregrine Falcon Chicks Have Finally Taken Flight

After watching since August, the falcons fledged this morning.

While cooped up at home, many Melbournians have been seeking the solace of live streams to get their fix on the outside world, and since the August arrival of three new peregrine falcon hatchlings atop 367 Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD, we’ve been casting an eagle-eye, watching them grow from tiny fluff-balls into pigeon killing machines.

We always knew this day would come. They had to leave the nest at some point. The Melbourne CBD Falcons live stream has become a falcon-less view of the city, with bird poo on it.

Melbourne pinned its hopes on these three birds. We were told in the live stream notes that they may not survive as there have been years where they didn’t, and this is nature, after all. And so, the falcon chicks became a symbol for us all in lockdown -- are we going to make it through this?

Mind you, when we leave the house it’s not a 100ft drop to the pavement below.

It is with a joyous heart that I report all three survived and, like the Kardashians, they are calling it quits on reality TV and leaving us behind. So now I shed a tear, as we too are released from our homes.

Our best wishes to the three female hatchlings, we hope the pigeons of our fine city and beyond are tasty and remain an easy catch.

But what of us? What if we’re not ready to give up our livestream animal fix?

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Godspeed, you beautiful Melbourne peregrine falcons, I hope you never swoop me.

Main image: Melbourne CBD Falcons YouTube.