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Melbourne Woman’s Shock At Sydney Coffee Price

A Melbourne woman has been left gobsmacked at the price of a coffee while she visited Sydney.

Traci Chen, a migration lawyer, took to TikTok to share the ridiculous amount she paid for her caffeine fix.

Ms Chen paid $8.90 for a soy latte in Sydney’s harbourside suburb of Barangaroo on Sunday,

The beverage was bought at a hotel bar near the new Crown Casino.

“Omg I just got charged $8.90 AUD for a cup of coffee,” the video was captioned.

Showing the receipt, Ms Chen revealed she had been charged an extra $1 for soy milk, $1 for upsizing to large and an 80c ‘Sunday service’ charge.

There was also a 10c ‘extra’ charge, but the reason for the charge was not disclosed.

Ms Chen told 7Lifestyle said she usually makes her own coffee at home but decided to treat herself while on holiday.

Ms Chen added that while she knew the coffee price was “more than usual”, she “didn’t mind too much”.

“It was just an average cup of coffee,” she said.

The video has been viewed more than 130,000 times, many asking why she paid the considerable sum.

Ms Chen commented on the post, saying “it was too late, I already ordered”.