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Matt Damon Takes Punt On NBN And Interviews Live From TAB

Matt Damon is currently in Australia filming the new Thor: Love and Thunder film.

The Hollywood heavyweight is in Byron Bay and just because he’s on the other side of the world he doesn’t get to skip doing the interview rounds in the U.S.

All Matt needs to have a chat via Zoom is a strong internet connection, and there’s seemingly no stronger internet connection in the Byron Bay area than the one down at the local TAB.

Chatting to the Today Show in the States, Matt was clearly standing in the middle of a TAB. He said “the people at the local pub were nice enough to leave it open just so that I could do this, because they’ve got the best internet connection in the neighbourhood where I am.”

No word on whether Matt took a punt before or after the interview, but during it he was quizzed on the current relationship status of his pal Ben Affleck and Ben’s old flame Jennifer Lopez, because apparently questioning people about their friend’s love lives is something we can just do with celebrities now.

Matt was pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, what with it really being nobody’s business, but he did say that he “hopes it’s true. That would be awesome.” He’s right. It would be awesome if those two massive celebrities found love.

Sadly, Matt Damon didn’t have any tips on who to back going into this weekend’s round of footy, but fingers crossed he continues this trend of doing live interviews from the most Aussie of locations. Would love to see him chatting to Ellen live from an Oporto, or dropping in on Good Morning, America with pokies ringing in the background. Get up to Jupiters, Matt, and do a live cross with Jimmy Fallon.

Main image: Today.