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Marie Antoinette Jewels Auctioned Off For $11 Million

A pair of diamond bracelets that once belonged to Marie Antoinette, the famed wife of French King Louis XVI who met her fate at the revolutionary guillotine, have changed hands for 7.46 million Swiss francs ($A11.2 million).

The opulent bracelets feature 112 diamonds, each weighing 97 grams.

The pair were sold in Geneva by auction house Christie's for much more than the pre-sale estimate of between two million and four million Swiss francs. The buyer was not identified.

After Marie Antoinette's death in the French Revolution in 1793, the bracelets - commissioned 17 years earlier - were passed on from her daughter Marie-Therese and kept within royal lineage for more than 200 years, Christie's said.

AAP with The Project