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Many Sydney Primary Schools To Introduce Sugar Ban In Lunchboxes

Many Sydney primary schools are forbidding all kinds of sugary snacks in students' lunchboxes. With parents warned, treats will be confiscated.

The ban stems from concerns that young pupils are eating excessive amounts of chocolate, lollies, soft drink, and other unhealthy snacks that can trigger rapid mood swings. 

One school initiating the ban for their pupils introduced the rule to parents with the following statement: 

'We ask that parents not send lollies, chocolate, sugary snacks, fizzy drinks or anything of this nature to school as they may cause allergic or behavioural reactions, disagreements between the children, or raised sugar levels resulting in mood swings,'.

Childhood obesity numbers increased during the pandemic in Australia, with almost 25 per cent of Aussie children currently said to be overweight.

Health experts said the solution is simple - less junk food, more water.

However, nutritionist Kristen Beck said extreme food measures such as total sugar bans do not always result in children eating healthier.