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Man Sues Psychic For Not Removing A Curse

The Psychic Promised To Remove A Curse Placed By The Man’s Ex

If you read the words ‘Man Sues Psychic For Not Removing A Cruse’ and you had to guess where in the world this happened I would like to congratulate you. Your guess is spot on. It did take place in the United States of America.

A Californian man named Mauro Restrepo is suing a psychic, Sophia Adams, whom he hired because he says that the psychic falsely claimed that she could remove a curse. It’s reading about cases like this that really make you sad that Judge Judy retired. This is the sort of thing you would have loved to see her deal with in her court.

This whole situation started when Restrepo hired Adams to help save his marriage. He contacted her after doing a quick search of psychics on Google, which is how you can tell that a psychic is good and real. He wasn’t using Bing, he was using Google. Only the best psychics are listed on the internet.

On his visit to Adams she read tarot cards and revealed to him that a “bad luck” curse that been placed on him by “a witch hired by his ex-girlfriend” and that if he wanted it removed it would cost him an extra $5,100 US. Adams insisted that if it wasn’t removed it would ruin his life, his children’s lives and his marriage.

Restrepo believed Adams was the real deal – because why would somebody lie about something that would make them money – and he put down $1,000 to help get rid of the curse placed on him by a witch hired by his ex-girlfriend.

Even after spending $1,000 on Witch Curse Removal it did not help his marriage. Who’s to say whether or not the marriage was straining because Restrepo’s wife started to find out how much he was spending on psychics.

Restrepo is seeking $25,000 in damages because of the failure of Adams to remove the curse that was placed on him and his family. So to sum up: a man (real) hired a psychic (not real) from the internet (real) to remove a curse (not real) placed on him by a witch (not real) hired by his ex-girlfriend (may or may not be real) and now that this (not real) psychic couldn’t remove this (not real) curse this (real) man is taking her to (real) court for (real) money.