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Man Spots A Potential Panther In The Otways While Having His 2AM Coffee

It's the most magical time of the year, when someone, who also just happens to not have their phone handy, sees what they believe is a Big Cat.

It’s that time of year again; the election coverage is over, people have Covid news fatigue, and news.com can’t do another story about the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book to generate clicks, so of course, that means one thing only, it is time for...




Oh, the most magical time of year, when someone, who also just happens to not have their phone handy, sees what they believe is a Big Cat, and not a big cat-like when you go around to a friend’s house and see their huge cat, and you’re not sure whether or not this cat is “too loved” or “too neglected”. I mean Big Cat like a jungle cat, or in this case Lorne forest cat.


Perry Childs had just finished a phone call with family in South Africa, where he is originally from, and looking from his third-floor balcony saw what he believes was a Big Cat. The time was 2:40 am when he said, “I had my phone on charge, made myself a cup of coffee, I walked onto the balcony…”


Woah Woah Woah, stop there. A COFFEE AT 2:40 IN THE MORNING!! Perry, my man, that is too late for coffee; you are not going to get to sleep if you have that much caffeine in your system. But it wasn’t the coffee that was going to keep him up, as more was to come.


“And I happen to see a bit of movement coming down Brown’s Lane” (Dear reader, this quote is not a euphemism for the effect of the coffee on Perry, in Lorne, there is a place called Brown’s Lane.) “About the size of a cheetah, but bulkier… muscular and black.”


But due to his phone being on charge, Perry didn’t capture any footage himself, but luckily for us, the local CCTV cameras did. And what we see is definitive proof that Perry saw a black cat. 


“This is a cat, a big cat, and my firm belief is that it’s a panther.”

“I come from Africa, I know cats, and for me it’s not the size of a lion, or a leopard, it’s the size of a cheetah, but bulkier, it’s got more muscle, but it would be the same size. Your household cat would be nowhere near that.”


See the full vision here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjE7qsn-QGE and join in on the second most argued topic in The Project office today; Is this a panther or a big feral cat? (The most argued topic is “how late is too late to have a coffee. Seriously, 2:40am?! That’s crazy.