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Man Mistakenly Thinks He Won Lotto

Moment man realises he's won on the lottery and then realises he actually didn’t.

In a heartbreaking video that has been viewed more than 7 million times, an ecstatic father bursts into his son's bedroom and shouts with delight, mistakenly believing he had won $100,000 on the lottery.

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I haven’t seen a dad this excited since my own dad won the cul-de-sac Christmas lights competition.

The video which was captured through CCTV, shows Michael Mirelez dancing with joy as he holds the 'winning' ticket in his hand at his family's home in Arlington, Texas.

My heart was right there with him. I had two thoughts, ‘I’m happy for him’ and ‘why on earth there is a CCTV camera in his son's bedroom?’

You can hear him yelling to his son, ‘Nico, Nico! I've won a hundred thousand dollars! I won a hundred thousand dollars!'

Nicolas, his adult kid, is seen jumping out of his bed and hugging him.

Their life-changing moment was cut short when his father showed him the ticket and realised he had read the numbers incorrectly.

Mirelez shows his son, 'This is my number 46… Oh f***k, g*ddamn it. I lied.'

It’s a crushing moment. They were so happy the second before. A part of me hopes that the dad did win and just had a last-minute realisation he didn’t want to share the money with his son.

When he said he lied – he really meant it.