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Man Has His False Teeth Returned After Eleven Years

Thanks To The Power of DNA Testing

This is tale as old as time: An Englishman holidaying in the Spanish tourist town of Benidorm drank too much and had to throw up into a bin. This next part is a little unusual: While throwing up this British gent lost the top half of his dentures into the bin. And this last part is downright unexpected: Eleven years later he got them back after the Spanish government found them, ran a DNA test and sent them to his house. 

The Englishman in question was 63-year-old Paul Bishop who eleven years ago had been in Benidorm celebrating a mate’s 50thbirthday. Telling the Manchester Evening News, Paul said “we’d been out drinking since midday.” Which very much sounds like the move of a Brit on holiday. 

“It was about 11pm and I’d had nothing to eat all day.” Which is a real rookie mistake. Paul was 52 at the time, by that point you’ve really got to learn the whole ‘line your stomach before hitting the booze’ rule.  

“We had a lot of beer, so I had a pint of cider instead.” Paul was a man clearly asking for tummy trouble. On the way out of the bar he had a vomit into a bin, caught up with his mates at the next bar where they noticed he was missing his top row of teeth. Paul quickly went back to the bin for a rummage around – but found nothing. 

Returning to party with his mates, Paul decided to go back the next day and have a sober search. Unfortunately, by the time he returned the bin had already been emptied so Paul had to spend the rest of the holiday without a row of teeth, much to the amusement of his friends. 

Paul forked out around $1,200 for new dentures when he got back from holiday and as far as he was concerned that was that. He could never have expected that over a decade later those same dentures would be found in landfill, which would trigger the Spanish authorities to run a DNA test on them to find out who they belong to. 

This week a parcel arrived at Paul’s door and inside were his old dentures. “They are in perfect condition and look brand new.” He said. They no longer fit though. Don’t think about how he knows that. Even though they don’t fit Paul has said he is going to keep them, either as a tribute to the power of DNA testing or more likely as a trophy for a big night out in Spain.