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Man Ghosts Woman After She Chooses ‘Megatron’ As Her Baby’s Name, But Nicki Minaj Approves

Choosing your life partner includes big decisions… where do they want to live, how many children they want, and what those kids will be called.

But for one woman, a joke about her future baby’s name ended a relationship before it even started. 

Emily Forney shared a dating app story on her Twitter after matching with a gentleman.

“I was o n a dating app, and a guy jokingly wrote “what should we name our first child?” as his intro message,” she said.

Emily replied with the name ‘Megatron’, adding she had lost a bet with her best friend Hannah in fifth grade and would “have to without question’ use that man.

But the joke didn’t end well.

“The man unmatched me,” Emily ended the story.

While the man didn’t appreciate the name, Nicki Minaj sure did. 

Retweeting Emily’s tweet, Nicki wrote “His loss. What a dope name”, referring to her own song MEGATRON released in 2019.

“NO ONE TALK TO ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE WHAT,” Emily said on Twitter, in a last laugh towards her failed date.