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Man Flies From UK To US As The Only Passenger

It’s a lot cheaper than hiring a private jet.

It’s pretty hard to be in charge of an airline right now. People are cancelling their travel plans, borders are being shut at short notice and billionaires are making you look pathetic by bypassing the sky entirely and going straight into space.

It’s also pretty hard when you’ve got a flight from London to Orlando and you’re only carrying one economy-class passenger in what must have been a loss-making venture for British Airways, when they flew Kai Forsyth across the ocean.

Detailing the experience on TikTok (because otherwise it didn’t happen), Forsyth said that he was confused when he was waiting at the departing gate and no one else was around. “I actually sat down and there was nobody [there at the gate] and I was just staring at the receptionist there,” he told Fox News Digital. "We were just looking back and forth at each other for like a good ten minutes, and then they said, 'Well, we're ready to board.'" It’s rare you get to be both the first and last passenger to board a flight, but that’s exactly what the college student got to do.

After getting on the plane, he realised that the plane was carrying more pilots than passengers. You can only presume that the airline decided to proceed with the flight because the crew probably just had to get home.

Once the plane took off, Forsyth really made himself at home. He built himself a makeshift bed across the four seats in his aisle and the stewards were kind enough to give him access to unlimited snacks or, more specifically, he was allocated the snacks of the other 300 passengers who weren’t on the plane.

In one particularly heart-warming moment, he filmed himself watching movies with one of the stewards who didn’t have much to do himself over that ten-hour flight tending to literally one passenger.

Of course, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Did British Airways upgrade their only passenger to first class? Shockingly, no, which has a lot of people on TikTok upset with the airline. But, in defence of British Airways, is there really any need to upgrade someone to first class when they literally have the rest of the plane all to themselves? This could be the only time in aviation history where being upgraded would actually amount to a downgrade.

It is worth noting that, according to British Airways there were other passengers on the flight, but there are none whatsoever detected in Forsyth’s video. This makes us conclude that perhaps someone’s pet might have been down in steerage and, if anyone should’ve been upgraded to first class, it’s them.