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Man Calls Out His Sister On Reddit For Treating Her Dog Like Her Child

Many pet owners love their pets just like their own child, and many treat them like their children too. But for one man, he sought advice on Reddit for how his sister treats her dog, calling her 'delusional'.

If you're unfamiliar with Reddit, it's essentially an online forum where people can join 'subreddits' (groups of sorts) and ask questions or read them. Similar to Yahoo answers but a bit more nuanced.

There's a popular subreddit called 'Am I The Asshole?' where people can pose a situation in their life, and others can chime in impartially about who's side they're on and well, if they are indeed 'an asshole'.

The man took to the subreddit to discuss his sister's obsession with her golden retriever.

He stated that she threw a birthday party for her dog, which he and other family members refused to attend, stating they had other plans. When the sister found out nobody wanted to attend the party, she called and confronted her brother, calling him 'an asshole' and began crying after he said she said 'delusional'. 

He added to the thread: "Honestly, it creeps me out that she treats the dog like a child, and I have really cut down the visits with her since late. My family thinks she needs therapy, while I think she is delusional," 

Many Reddit users chimed in with similar experiences, and the views were divided.

Some users felt the man was in the wrong for not wanting to support his sister and the pup.

One user others pointed out that you're not a jerk for not attending the party, agreeing that "it is weird" - However, "You're an asshole for laughing and belittling your sister - if you genuinely think she needs help, talk to her and your family - don't just laugh behind her back."

Other users pointed out that perhaps the sister is lonely and is using the dog's birthday as an excuse to bring the family together and see each other.

Overall, most of the thread came to a similar conclusion that the man's treatment of his sister was unfair, but it was fair to not want to attend a dog's birthday party.