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Man Banned From All You Can Eat Buffet

A Man In China Has Found Out There Is A Limit To All-You-Can-Eat

Ever wondered if there was a limit on how much you could get at an all you can eat buffet? One man in China found out when he was banned from a buffet restaurant for pushing the limits of the all-you-can-eat ethos.

The man, who is only known as Mr. Kang, is a live-streamer who streams himself eating food and he had one too many big feeds at Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet in Changsha. Instead of changing the ‘all you can eat’ sign to say ‘some you can eat’ they banned Mr. Kang instead.

Just how much is too much? On Mr. Kang’s first visit he grabbed 1.5kg of pork trotters, which we can all agree is way more pork trotters than most people could consume in one sitting. Another time he grabbed up to 4kg of prawns.

The owner of the restaurant described Mr. Kang’s prawn consumption this way: “usually people use tongs to pick them up, he uses a tray to take them all.” Which isn’t really in the spirit of the all you can eat buffet. You can’t imagine hitting an All You Can Eat Pizza Hut and sliding a whole pizza straight onto your plate.

“Every time he comes here, I lose a few hundred yuan,” the owner lamented to Hunan TV. People are not supposed to show up to the all-you-can-eat restaurant and eat all they can eat, they’re supposed to show up and all-you-can-eat-before-the-restaurant-starts-losing-money.

Mr. Kang said that the ban was “discriminatory” against him and other people like him can just eat a lot of food. “I can eat a lot – is that my fault?”, he said. It’s not his fault he consumes prawns by the tray load. Who gets to make the call about how much you can eat? The restaurant or the customer? Or do they just need little labels on all the food that say ‘All You Can Eat – As Long As You Don’t Eat A Pig Pen’s Worth of Trotters’