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Mamma Mia! Spider-Man Met The Pope!

Spider-Man seemed more excited than the Pope.

Here comes the cross-over superhero team we didn’t know we wanted, needed, or even considered the possibility of. Spider-Man dropped in to the Pope’s general audience at the Vatican on Wednesday and they met each other face-to-face, even exchanging words in the very special VIP courtyard. Talk about a AAA pass for Spidey!

In the encounter, Spider-Man seemed more stoked than the Pope, gripping tightly onto the Pope with both hands. Peter Parker seemed like he was crawling at the walls he was so eager.

If he really didn’t want to lose grip he should have shot him with his spider web.

Truth be told, it was not Peter Parker, but Mattia Villardita, a 27 year-old from northern Italy who was granted a seat in the VIP audience with the Pope because of his work, where he dresses up in superhero costumes and visits sick kids in hospitals.

At the end of the audience Mattia gave the Pope a full-faced Spider-Man mask. We’re not sure how COVID-safe the mask is but it would look great placed onto a bust of a previous Pope or one of the many likenesses they have of Jesus inside the Vatican.