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Malaysia To Reopen Borders To Tourists From April 1

Malaysia’s international border is set to reopen, meaning Aussies will soon be able to visit as the country drops their Covid-19 border restrictions.

Malaysia’s border will reopen to international arrivals on April 1, with no quarantine or isolation required. 

Arrivals must be fully vaccinated, produce a negative PCR test two days before arrival, and take a rapid antigen test 24 hours after entry. 

The Southeast Asian country is known for its lush rainforests, bustling markets and sandy beaches, making it a popular holiday destination for Australians. 

After shutting the international border back in March 2020, the country has maintained some of the tightest restrictions in the world to ensure COVID-19 outbreaks remain under control. 

Malaysia’s prime minister,  Ismail Sabri, stated that “We believe this decision will boost our economy and help revive our ailing tourism sector.”