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Major Cities’ Weather Forecasts For The Anzac Day Dawn Services

Anzac Day Dawn Services will begin from 4.30 am around the country tomorrow as millions pay their respects to our servicemen and women.

For those planning on attending services across the major cities, umbrellas should be safe to leave at home. There is a slight possibility of rain in Sydney and Brisbane, but according to the Bureau of Meteorology, there is only a 10 per cent chance of it being more than 2mm.

On Monday morning, the coldest major city will be Canberra, which is expected to be 6 degrees from 4 am, only rising one degree by 7 am.

Hobart and Melbourne will be 9 degrees throughout the services but will be up to 15 degrees by the time the marches start.

Sydney will start the morning slightly chilly, sitting at 15 degrees at 4 am, but will rise to 22 degrees by early afternoon.

Brisbane and Adelaide will both be 17 degrees in the early hours of the morning. While Brisbane’s temperature will increase throughout the morning, Adelaide will see a slight drop before going up again in time for the march.

Darwin will, of course, be the hottest place by far. It will be about 26 degrees at the time of the Dawn Service starting before climbing steadily to 34 degrees in time for the march.