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Lovely Jubbly, The Queen’s Jubilee Merch That’s Got A Glaring Error

A UK wholesale supplier is attempting to resell 10,800 pieces of crockery that were meant to mark Queen Elizabeth II's upcoming Platinum Jubilee but instead were printed with an error.

Text on the mugs, plates and cup-and-saucer sets is meant to read "To Commemorate the Platinum Jubilee," but instead reads: "To Commemorate the Platinum Jubbly."

Wholesale Clearance UK bought the set from a Chinese merchandise factory which had intended to sell in the UK to commemorate the iconic historical event.

Wholesome Clearance UK's business model is selling unwanted stock in bulk and believes it will be a great and funny addition to anyone's collection.

The company's managing director, Karl Baxter, said "Previous royal occasion memorabilia are often sought after by collectors, as they're a great excuse to go out and buy a piece of history which will increase in value over time."

"Besides, what could be more unique than our limited-edition misprinted crockery?" said Baxter.

On their website, the listing notes, "You will notice this is probably more at home on the shelf next to Peckham Spring (Del Boy's bottled water which glowed yellow in the dark) as these are in fact celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubbly.

The stock is for sale as a bulk lot for £32,400.