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Loud Toilet In Italy Considered A Human Rights Violation

The Italian Courts Found That A Neighbour’s Toilet Was Too Loud

Ever thought that all the noise your neighbours were making was a human rights violation? Maybe in the heat of the moment you’ve said “this is a human rights violation!” about a loud TV or a noisy backyard BBQ you weren’t invited too, but you might not have meant it. Well, the high court in Italy have found that a neighbour’s loud toilet is a human right’s violation.

The legal battle has been going on for 19 years. That’s longer than Grey’s Anatomy has been on television and it feels like that show has always been on television. Nineteen years ago, near La Spezia a couple complained about the noise coming from the apartment next door’s new toilet. It was keeping them up at night.

At first they didn’t have much luck, a lower court ruled against them, but if there’s one thing a combination of an annoying neighbour and a lack of sleep can do, it’s drive people to not give up. So, the couple took their case to an appeals court who ordered an investigation.

The investigation found that the neighbours were four brothers, which you can only imagine the sorts of noises four brothers would be making with a toilet, but the real problem was where they had installed it. The water tank had been embedded in the nine-inch-thick wall – not that far from the head of the couple’s bed. Even imagining the sound that would make is enough to keep you up at night.

The courts found that the flushing compromised the couple’s quality of life. It also violated the right to the free exercise of daily habits as established by the European Convention of Human Rights. None of which you can imagine the brothers thought about when they popped in their new toilet.

All up the brothers had to pay $565 for every year since the toilet had been installed. It ended up setting them back $10,760 – which is quite a pricey new toilet. If you’re thinking of taking your neighbour’s too court over a noise complaint though, remember it only took this couple nineteen years to settle it.