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Licking Ice Cream And Returning It To The Freezer Is Now A Crime In Arizona

Apparently, until recently, it was legal to lick a punnet and put it back if you lived in Arizona.

When you pop down to the servo to pick up some Ben and Jerry’s you should not have to ponder whether some guy called Ben or Jerry was in there five minutes earlier licking the top of it.

Fortunately for Arizona residents, licking ice cream that people might buy is now a crime.

Finally, you can get your chocolate chip knowing no one has already chipped away at it with their strawberry tongue… sorry, that sounded almost as gross as this story itself.

The new anti-tampering law was created after a video went viral showing a man filming himself licking ice cream and then returning the container to the freezer.

Source: YouTube. Yum, tastes like teenage fame.

Perhaps a year ago this might have carried on to become a cool new Internet trend but, since COVID, the governor who made the law now clearly cares about germs. I mean, who honestly cared about a bit of random saliva in their dessert pre-pandemic? Not the people in Arizona!

The new bill passed with nearly unanimous support in the House, a win of 56-3. We can only assume that the three members of government who voted against it had just bought a go-pro, planning to head on down to the shops and film their own ice cream licking prank videos.

This is our social media guy. I would never even taste his ice creams and I know him. Source: Social media guy.

It’s great they have put an end to the ice cream tampering but why stop here with the supermarket laws? There are plenty of other equally annoying (I’ll admit, less gross) behaviours that take place in-store we should put a stop to.

To name just a few, here are some things I think should be a fineable offence in-store:

  • Leaving cold meats in the shampoo aisle – why is it always here where people realize they didn’t actually want 2kg of shaved turkey? Perhaps it’s the sweet scents that brings their turkey eating abilities back to reality.
game show ham GIF
  • Letting kids push the trolley. They have underdeveloped reflexes and control and I have very sensitive shinbones.
Oh No Oops GIF by Tesco
  • Squeezing an avocado if you are strong enough to do at least one push up. Weak squeezers only, please.
avocado toss GIF by A Magical Mess
  • Taking $300 worth of groceries through the self-checkout. That’s got to be at least 40 staff assists and I’m stuck behind you just wanting to buy my single squashed avocado.

Main Image: Pixabay