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LA’s First Private Dog Park Is $80 A Month And Comes With Heaps Of Perks

Dog Ppl is an $80 a month private dog park and of course, it's in LA.

Even dogs deserve to live the high life in Santa Monica, where this members-only place is not just a dog park, it's also a social club for their owners.

The 80-bucks will get you access to the park, which is kept in pristine condition and equipped with monitors to keep the dogs cooperating.

There's also a heap of great stuff for owners; infused water, free events, lint rollers and poo bags, lounge areas, cafe lights, music, a bar and WiFi.

Well, technically, the poo bags are for the dogs, we hope.

Member Isabel Washington says, "Last week was Taco Tuesday and half-priced margs. I brought a bunch of friends and we all were just here, vibing".

Considering the number one priority in California is to be "vibing", it sounds like the park is a huge success.

It opened in September of 2021, and they already have over 900 members. A lot of people want a hit of that infused water!

Co-founders Alexander Esguerra and Liam Underwood met at a dog park in downtown LA and bonded over complaints about the park. They felt it was unclean, potentially rife with health risks, and unpleasant for humans, so they came up with the idea for Dog Ppl.

They recently posted on Instagram that they're closing membership to make sure that the density remains safe. People will now have to submit an application. Some say it all reeks of excess and exclusion.

Julie Urbanik, author and researcher who studies pets and society, said, "I think that we are seeing the ways in which increasing economic privilege is being displayed through pets".

However, Member Romina Puga says other dog parks near her house are "basically dirt" and leave her dog filthy.

Esguerra says fees reflect the environment maintenance and staffing costs - not a desire to keep anyone out.

Although membership elicits imagery of dogs wearing top hats and smoking cigars, it's more about having a clean, safe and fun environment.

All photos are from DogPPL's instagram.