Landline Phones Are Making A Comeback

Get out your Rolodex because landline phones are coming back.

As an antidote to screen fatigue and unlimited distractions, young people appear to be taking a liking to the landline phone. They apparently appreciate the idea of a single-purpose tool that just makes phone calls.

It’s hard to hear because they clearly have no idea what appreciation really is – like we appreciated when no one came into the pantry where we hiding so we could have some form of a private phone call on the family phone.

We appreciated when someone wouldn’t pick up the phone disconnecting us from the dial up internet we just spent 3 minutes waiting to connect to.

Appreciation is seeing a choreographed dance on Video Hits – the kids today have no idea what the world was like pre Tik Tok. All we had was S Club 7 – the seven being the number of people in the band as well as the number of days we had to wait to see another dance.

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According to research by only 29 per cent of Australians have a landline and regularly use it, most of them older Australians.

It’s in America that the phone nostalgia is taking off. They have similar data to us Aussie, with only 30% of households having a landline connected.

The trend mostly involves old-fashioned handsets, especially those from the 1950s and 1960s. They aren’t quite traditional as they have been refurbished so that they may connect to a mobile phone network via Bluetooth.

Which makes the popularity of this trend a little easier to understand. They don’t have to share a phone number with their siblings and then still get to slam the phone down dramatically after a fight. I’m getting the appeal now.

We haven't gone back to the landline era at all. We just found a way to be on the phone without having to go on speaker if you are wanting to play Worlde at the same time.

I look forward to as well as dread the incoming Tik Toks of people lip-synching down the pastel rotary landline.